Program Focus

Ruth Fund Uganda listens to challenges of rural communities to determine areas of Program Focus .Ruth Fund Uganda builds capacity of community based organisations, youth clubs and or drama groups to seek for and implement projects and programs that provide solutions to rural communities.

It is a problem that affects the young and active, increases poverty, violence in homes and community thus increasing insecurity, crime, school drop out and so a circle of low income earners. There is little knowledge and implementation of laws concerning alcohol and drugs in rural areas, for... Read More.
Women above 65 years of age, are rarely seen or are not visible in community but can be found in homes, worship places. They suffer marginalization, oppression, poverty, high levels of illiteracy, heavy work load,  human right violations. Are challenged,  socially, economically and politically.... Read More.
The above are very common but no clear data for Wakiso district. The early pregnancies do not automatically lead to early marriages-Ruth Fund is interested in finding out the relationship between the two. The two affect development-increase rural urban migration as pregnant girls are chased from... Read More.
Ruth Fund documents lessons from rural communities to Establish a Resource Centre for rural communities. These are periodically compiled into an E-Newsletter, Annual Reports, and Blog. Challenge is sharing information wider among people who can only read in local languages. Ruth Fund will take... Read More.
A program that builds trust with communities  and  interests them  into partnerships for development. Communities need skills, knowledge and capacity to overcome environmental socio-economic challenges. Ruth Fund is established to support rural communities , not necessarily with money, but many... Read More.
Ruth Fund provides a membership platform on which to exchange experience and lessons from rural communities. Few rural women and youth see Ruth Fund as a mouthpiece and a  voice to bring their voices to government at different levels, different development actors for support and learning.  Linkages... Read More.