Merina Konyonyo

Mrs Merinah Konyonyo - A Social Worker by training, long serving Civil Servant with the Uganda Police Force as head of Welfare. She played a critical role in the formation of many women organizations in the country, was a Uganda delegate to Beijing for the 4th Women’s World Conference in 1995,and was President of National Association of Women Organisations in Uganda for two terms.

She is an experienced administrator and manager. She is a Board member of many organizations, among which is the Pan Africa Women Movement.

A strong believer in grass root development along the Grameen Model of development because of her contact with the founder of Grameen Bank India. Merinah introduced the model in Uganda and many women groups were formed as a result as women and youth got out of information and resource poverty.

One of the Founder members of Ruth Fund and promoter with integrity and humility committed to getting women and youth to lead lives of dignity.