About Us

Ruth Fund Uganda is a women rights not-for-profit organisation established in February 2014, incorporated as a legal entity, number 181292, and registered with Ministry of Internal Affairs-NGO Registration Board, No.S.5914/12254, registration No.12048. Formed by activists who are concerned at the continued marginalization, invisibility and denial of rights of rural women and youth. Ruth Fund is also registered with Wakiso District No.WCBO/0916/16 for 2016 to 2018.

We believe - when you share information, (listen and respond) with women and youth, you make them open up and build trust to overcome rural challenges. Once informed, they become visible and empowered to enjoy their rights.

Ruth Fund Mission - Is to provide support to rural women and youth to organize effectively to build linkages through which to claim and enjoy social, economic, political and environmental rights in developing Uganda.

Ruth Fund Vision - Is to see rural women and youth lead lives of dignity, visible in plans and programs for human and physical development of Uganda.